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My name is Noam Zimin. I am an artist, a potter, a teacher, a nature lover, a dancer, a performer and a dreamer.
My first memories of working with clay were in elementary school and again in high school, and those memories have stayed with me. When I returned to working with clay in 1992, I knew that this was a fun and expressive way to connect with a deep inner process of transformation and manifestation.  
My creations are an exploration of the elements. They are often described as organic and sacred, as they reflect themes of language, nature, relationship and life.  
I have now created a profound and powerful way to combine the journey of working with clay, firing your own pottery and creating from your heart. I offer a variety of classes, programs and workshops designed for both youth and adults. I am also passionate about the creation of custom programs that join with different school curriculums to bring this form of experiential education directly to the classroom.
Whether you are here as an educator to enhance your classroom curriculum, an adult looking to enhance your life, or as a parent looking to empower your children and their lives, I invite you to come play. Join me in this inner journey of manifesting your life from your own inner wheel.
I look forward to clay play with you all!


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"Your class is a great thing, anything to extend attention span and give the kids a feeling of successful creativity is tops."
- Rob

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